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CONQuest Festival 2023

This is the biggest gaming, anime, comics and creators event in the philippines. CONQuest Festival 2023 Philippines held in Manila on June 2-4, 2023.

Our Preparation

Our preparations at the booth to welcome visitors from the Philippines or abroad.


Have you ever seen Kazuha (Genshin Impact) play a game?

Bunch of Couples

A group of couples also participated to try out the game that we brought too.

The Team

Thank you for the team that made the event in the Philippines a success.

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CONQuest Festival 2023

Mon,05 Jun 2023
Exhibition Event

Thankyou Manila!

We loved the enthusiasm of the Filipinos in participating in the event, there were so many people cosplaying their favorite characters.There’s almost everything for everyone at this event. If you’re one to enjoy learning more about your craft or are generally curious about certain topics, several workshops and panels will be available throughout the entire weekend.

For those looking to start on their journey to becoming an esports caster, head to Conrad Hotel on Day 1 for Shoutcasting 101 with Uomi, Santi and Excivous. Love cosplay but want to improve your props? Head over the SMX Community Stage at noon for Cosplay Prop Making: Modern Day Blacksmiths on Day 3.

If you want to meet your idol, there’s the Meet Zone, an avenue for everyone to see their beloved creators and interact with them face-to-face.

This zone will also host some of the different panels and workshops lined up for those who are interested in taking them.

Also, for those who applied and were granted the CONQuest-sponsored scholarships, these will be awarded by Rae and Leslie during their MeetZone timeslots.

There are also new games from smaller developers in the Indie Zone, as well as several esports matches are happening in CONQuest too, such as the highly anticipated VALORANT Champions Tour Challengers PH Split 2, and the Alliance Games Mobile Legends match.

Drop by the Art Gallery to enjoy and appreciate some masterpieces by different visual artists, or find out more about advocacy with Gamer Grils PH, One Million Lights, Make-a-Wish PH, and more also there.

If you’re getting hungry, step outside SMX visit the “Food Street” where you can choose from a variety of cuisines from different food vendors to satisfy your craving and fuel up for the rest of day.

And if you want to just walk around, buy some merchandise or souvenirs, head over to the QuestMarket to visit the booths and shops.

Premium pass holders can also attend the Music Night on 3 June, where various artists like James Reid, Autotelic, Oh Flamingo!, Carousel Casualties, and more will perform. You can also purchase a separate Music Night add-on to join this part of the event.

CONQuest Festival 2023 went off with a bang. I think CONQuest Festival is the biggest gaming and cosplay event in the Philippines. That’s why we from Indonesia wanted to participate in the gaming booths there, and luckily we were chosen to be one of them to fill one of the booths in the Indie Zone.


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