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Daisuki Japan Fest 2023

Daisuki Japan Fest is a Japanese cultural event that will be held at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Dome, Malang, on March 5, 2023.

Our Setup Booth

Our preparation for the enthusiastic visitors who want to try our games.


Some cosplayers tried out the games we presented and discussed how to play and the concept of the game.

The Visitor

The visitors began to gather because they were curious about the games we brought

The Crowd

Approaching the peak of the event and more and more visitors are coming.

Grow The Seed Team

Thanks to the grow the seed team for creating and bringing a new game for us to show off to the visitors.

The Team

Thank you for your cooperation in handling the visitors who came to the booth and preparing everything for this event.

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Daisuki Japan Fest 2023

Sun,05 Mar 2023
Exhibition Event

Hello Floks!

Yesterday on March 5th, we opened a booth at the Daisuki Japan Fest held at UMM-Malang.

Daisuki Japan Fest is one of the Japanese culture events under culture_daisuki just like Chibicon and ChocoDays that we visited last year.

Indeed, Daisuki Japan Fest is an event that includes cosplay, food, and things about anime. But we ventured to open a booth at the event with the intention of attracting anime and Japanese lovers.

Even though it was raining heavily outside the dome, it was not enough to extinguish the enthusiasm of our friends to come to the event, causing the crowd inside the dome to increase, and not a few of them were enthusiastic about trying the games we brought until they queued very long. The staff was overwhelmed to cope with the visitors who wanted to try and ask questions about the games we made.

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