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Indonesia Game Developer Exchange 2023 Bali

Indonesia Game Developer Exhange (IGDX) 2023 which was held at The Stones Hotel, Legian, Bali on October 11th - 12th, 2023.

Our Booth

Our beautiful setup booth for 3 days of IGDX Bali

The Conference

A few words of welcome from Kominfo

Sharing Session

Sharing session from Mrs. Riris Marpaung from GameChanger, Mr. Aditia Dwiperdana from Agate, Mr. Dominikus Damas from Glory Jam. Where and Boy Dozan from Mankibo. Where ideas become stories and stories become connections.


Congratulations to Mojiken team for winning various awards at the IGDX event.

Special Thanks

Grateful for the guidance and wisdom of Mrs. Riris. Thank you for your invaluable support on this journey!

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Indonesia Game Developer Exchange 2023 Bali

Mon,09 Oct 2023
Exhibition Event

The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo), through the Indonesian Game Association (AGI), once again held a meeting between local game developers and game publishers, titled Indonesia Game Developer Exchange (IGDX).

For this year, IGDX 2023 presents more game developers in the country with a total of 150 developers. In the last IGDX 2022, the number of developers invited was only 57 developers. Some of the well-known local developers invited start from Mojiken Game Studios, Toge Productions, Agate International, Gambir Studio, Glory Jam, and many more. Apart from developers, IGDX 2023 will also invite around 40 well-known game publishers, ranging from Tencent, Google Play, Xbox, Steam, Keppler, Plug in Digital, and many more. This number has also increased from the total of 12 publishers invited at IGDX 2022. These local developers and game publishers will be brought together in the two-day IGDX Business 2023 event, which will take place on October 11-12, 2023 at The Stones Hotel, Legian, Bali.

In this session, game developers can network and pitch their games to the publishers present. Then, they can also meet a number of funding companies aka venture capital (VC) who are invited to IGDX 2023. For this year, the number of invited VCs has increased from 4 to 10 companies, so local game developers can increase their chances of getting funding for new game projects. IGDX 2023 main agenda.

Well, after IGDX Business 2023 is completed, the event will then continue with IGDX Conference 2023 which will be held on the third day of IGDX 2023, to be precise on October 13, 2023. This event is arguably the main agenda as well as the closing of the IGDX 2023 series, and in this event, Kominfo and AGI officials, as well as a number of officials from international game publishers, will give their respective speeches. Some of the officials who are planned to attend the IGDX Conference 2023 include the Minister of Communication and Information Technology (Menkominfo) Budi Arie Setiadi, representatives from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, and representatives from the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment.

As for publishers, there are several officials from Steam (Valve), Google Play, Microsoft Xbox, Epic Games, and others who will provide some important information about their respective game distribution platforms. In addition, this event will be filled with a number of panel discussions on the topic of local game business development, how to dominate the game market, tips and tricks for a game developer to be successful, and various other topics. In total, IGDX Conference 2023 will be filled by 14 speakers and the number of guests attending is predicted to reach 3,000 people, a rapid increase from IGDX 2022 which only amounted to 200 people. KompasTekno journalist Bill Clinten will attend the IGDX 2023 event which will be held on October 11-13, 2023, including the IGDX Business 2023 and IGDX Conference 2023.

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