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ChibiCon 2023

Chibicon 2023 is a Japanese cultural event which will be held at Galaxy Mall, Surabaya on June 3-4, 2023

Our Booth

This is the booth setup for visitors at the event.

Grow The Seed

One of the games we brought to the Chibicon event, Grow The Seed - so you can understand how plants live.

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Our Team

Thank you for our team who was very compact during the event despite the many visitors who had come to our booth.

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ChibiCon 2023

Tue,22 Aug 2023
Exhibition Event

Chibicon 2023, which took place at the Galaxy Mall Exhibition Center on June 3-4, was an early-month event that was a hit in the middle of the year. The publication of the event in advance, as well as the super-dense content became the selling point of the event which was held for the second time.

In addition, JCD’s image as a competent event organizer in East Java cannot be ignored. Therefore, it’s no wonder that Chibicon 2023 has been predicted by many pop culture event fans in Surabaya, Malang and surrounding areas (even from outside East Java to Bali).

Judging from the Instagram, Chibicon’s content covers more of the creator market. So it’s not purely a cosplay event, but a place for creators to sell works ranging from fanart merchandise of various fandoms, original works, cosplay content, cosplay costume rental, as well as several hobby and gaming community circles. That’s why we had the opportunity to set up our own booth at the event as a game developer booth. 

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