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Ganbatte Idol Fest – 2024

Ganbatte Idol Fest May 25, 2024 Han Exhibition Event We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited the Shireishi Production booth at Ganbatte on May 19! Your support and enthusiasm made the event truly memorable. We hope you enjoyed the experience and the surprises we prepared for you. It was a […]

Great Collaboration Between Shireishi Production and Eucxtazy Music

Great Collaboration Between Shireishi Production and Eucxtazy Music April 22, 2024 Han We believe that collaborating with extraordinary individuals not only helps increase productivity but also strengthens meaningful connections. Our heartfelt thanks to @kingjyu & @mave.marble for their outstanding contributions. With mutual trust, Shireishi Production and Eucxtazy Music are confident that our creative synergy will […]

The Collaboration Between Shireishi Production and Lion Core

The Collaboration Between Shireishi Production and Lion Core April 22, 2024 Yhesa Noviasari From now, Shireishi Production and Lion Core are under the same umbrella. The partnership between Shireishi Production and Lion Core has laid a solid foundation for creating a unique blend of creativity and expertise in the global gaming industry. Together, we are […]

Steam Deck Builders Fest

Steam Deck Builders Fest April 17, 2024 Yhesa Noviasari Celebration Event Steam Deck Builder Fest is here! Hello, everyone! The Steam Deck Builder Fest has started today and will run until April 1st. Don’t forget to add Grow the Seed to your wishlist because there’s something new there! Let’s visit Steam right away so you […]


Excitement of Global Game Jam 2024 have been a lot of exciting and innovative works that were born. Together with a great team, we built fun every second.


Hey there, Global Game Jam (GGJ) is back!!!

We are proud to announce that Shireishi has been selected as one of the venues for Global Game Jam 2024! If you’re not familiar with GGJ, it is the world’s largest game creation event taking place around the globe. We’re so proud to be part of this event and to support game developers in Shireishi in creating fantastic games.

Can’t wait to see the awesome creations!


Thank you UKP for the warm welcome and the opportunity to have a conversation, exploring the development of the creative industry in the gaming industry.

Seeing the positive cooperation opportunities we are enthusiastically looking forward to building a close and mutually beneficial working relationship between the industry and the university. Looking at the employment growth of the gaming industry in Indonesia, we believe that this collaboration will open doors for students and young professionals to develop their skills in the gaming industry.


The excitement during Shireishi 404 Jam 2023 was truly delightful. Throughout the event, the atmosphere was filled with laughter, featuring unforgettable moments. Stay tuned for more exciting moments at the next Shireishi 404 Jam!

Southeast Asia Game Aesthetic

This event is supported by Virtual SEA, Asosiasi Game Indonesia, Thailand Game Association, Brunei Game Dev, Indie Games Group Philippines, Vietnam Game Dev, and PlayPrime.

IGDX 2023 – Bali

IGDX 2023 presents more game developers in the country with a total of 150 developers, will take place on October 11-12, 2023 at The Stones Hotel, Legian, Bali.


Domino FX will be an opportunity for gamers in Surabaya and surrounding areas to gather and enjoy gaming together.


What is TOKYO GAME SHOW 2023?

TOKYO GAME SHOW 2023 is the place where all the world’s games come together. We hope that a wide range of game-related companies will exhibit at the show, and that we can work together as pioneers of the times.

ChibiCon 2023

ChibiCon 2023 is a Japanese culture event in the middle of year.

IGDX 2023 (Indonesia Game Developer Exchange) UB Malang

Indonesia Game Developer Exchange (IGDX) is an annual event organized by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics in collaboration with the Indonesian Game Association (AGI) to improve the capabilities and quality of Indonesian game developers.

Forward Night 2023

What is FORWARD NIGHT 2023?

FORWARD NIGHT 2023 is a seminar and networking event held in Jakarta, about game developers.