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G2G (Gamers to Gamers)

The Lazy Media's gaming awards day at the Gamers to Gamers (G2G) event which returns this December 9 and 10, 2023.

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Entrance Hall

See how many people are already queuing at the entrance.

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Main Hall

This is the main hall where awards are announced and local games are showcased on the big screen.

Game Station

This is the game station where some local games are exhibiting.

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Our Game

You can see our games displayed at our booth.

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The Team

Thanks to our team who went to the event to organize the exhibition and handle visitors at the booth.

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Gamers to Gamers by The Lazy Monday

Sat,09 Dec 2023
Exhibition Event

The country’s gaming industry is growing rapidly, and is starting to penetrate the global market. International and local games will compete to be the best on the day of the game awards from The Lazy Media at the Gamers to Gamers (G2G) event which returns at the end of 2023.

Especially with the emergence of talented local developers with titles that stole the world’s attention, such as Dreadout and A Space for The Unbound, which were nominated for international awards.

The biggest gaming festival in Indonesia is ready to indulge thousands of game lovers for two days, December 9-10, 2023 at Thamrin Nine Ballroom, Jakarta. More than 20 Indonesian game developers will bring exclusive content only at G2G Festival 2023.

In this G2G Festival 2023, The Lazy Monday as the initiator, supported by Creativeintel, also increases the scale of the event by increasing the capacity of participants who come. This event is expected to provide an unforgettable experience, like being in a Japanese city-themed game.

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